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If you need inline scripts or styles, using nonces are a great idea. They guarantee only your scripts are ran on your website.

See CSP for more general information regarding the security of your website, especially regarding XSS attacks.

Kvarn, by default, adds a Present extension which enables the nonce internal present extension. Add that to the top of your file and just insert a nonce attribute to your inline style or script element: <script|style nonce="">...</script|style>. The content (if any) between the quotes (both " and ' are supported) is replaced by the random nonce value, which is also included in the content-security-policy header. This random value is a 128-bit random number generated from a cryptographically secure source, encoded in Base64. It will therefore always have the length 24 bytes. This is what’s recommended by MDN.

Between the nonce being generated in the Present extension and consumed in the Package extension (which is what adds the CSP header), the nonce value is stored in the response header csp-nonce, which is removed by the Package extension.