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Kvarn provides a few web server primitives:

When creating a host, it’s name and alternative names can be derived from the certificate, using this constructor.

Combining these means you can meet complex requirements, using minimal resources (all everything is ran on one process).

Example: You’re running 3 websites, with both HTTP & HTTPS. You also have a mail server using Postfix Admin, so you need to serve the PHP site. You set up 4 hosts, one for each website and 1 for the PHP Postfix Admin. Then, you add the 3 website hosts to a HostCollection and bind them to the standard HTTP and HTTPS posts. After some port forwarding and a domain name, these will be accessible on the internet. You create a HostCollection with the PHP host and bind that to the port 8080 using the PortDescriptor::unsecure.

The three public websites operate intependently with their own extensions and Postfix Admin is only accessible to the local network (assuming you didn’t port forward port 8080).