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kvarnctl is a binary available for UNIX systems. It commnicates with your Kvarn instances to execute commands with arguments.

Downloads are available. Nightly Linux downloads are available on GitHub actions.


These correspond to plugins.


Shut the Kvarn instance down.

If the graceful-shutdown cargo feature is enabled, this performs a graceful shutdown (no connections are abruptly terminated). You can implement your own shutdown mechanism.


Pings Kvarn. The response will be all the arguments joined with spaces


Starts a new instance in place and performs a graceful shutdown. Requires both the capabilities necessitated by shutdown and that the OS is UNIX & !Solaris & !illumos. This is also what is required by handover.

If handover isn’t available, there will be a small gap where no listener is online - if someone requests the webpage during the ~0.4s window, they get a Server couldn't be reached error from their browser.

If the argument wait is passed (kvarnctl reload wait), the command doesn’t return until the old instance has been shut down.


Waits for the Kvarn instance to shut down.


Format: kvarnctl clear <method> (<host> <file/URI>)

Clears caches. Methods available are all, files, responses (these optionally take a host to clear), and two which clear a specific resource, file and response.

Waiting for Kvarn to turn off

If you want to wait for when Kvarn turns off, use the --wait flag. The advantage of using the flag instead of the command is that the command returns when an instance is shut down. The flag handles reloads, so it’ll still wait after a reload, for a shutdown (or anything else that makes Kvarn shut down).

This is accomplished by trying to reconnect once the wait command returns.


By default, Kvarn listens on /run/user/<uid>/kvarn.sock for users and /run/kvarn.sock for root users. You can change this.


You can also disable the IPC altogether.